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Urgodermyl [10/26/07]
I spit on you, dictionary of TextEdit and that of MS Word. Who consistently add words to the dictionaries of their word editor? That's a serious question, actually.

Detailed updates might come soon, depending on whether it takes bloody forever to post anything here with this lovely Internet connection, but for now, just know that I've been in Lyon (France, since I'm pretty sure that there's a Lyon in the US somewhere) for a few days over a month already, and the cold doesn't seem to be bothering me more that it's bothering my Mexican or my Korean classmates. That, or I'm just stupid and stubborn and would rather layer on clothes rather than turn on the radiator because I have this really paranoid fear of the radiator's heat (who else expects me to do something dumb with the radiator, since I've never used one before?) roasting me alive. All right, so that was a joke––even I'm not that imbecilic. I'm more concerned about the state of my art materials if I accidentally turn on the heat too high.

So. I can now say that I have a very nice coat lined with real rabbit fur. Soft and comfy and it's fur. I love fur and leather. I know, I'm horrible. One of my classmates from China is quite exasperated by how taken I am to the fur-lined coats when we were out getting my winter stuff. Things are not as expensive as I expected here, but then again, that's because I have about six people showing me where to buy the right stuff.

I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year, but that's not as amazing as discovering the Malaysian sub-forum and the fact that there are almost as many Malaysians participating in the NaNoWriMo as there are in France. I never knew that people who loved Physics was rare, either.

I haven't been in a comm RPG since I moved. Part of it is because there aren't any good ones out there, and part of it is because I don't feel like dealing with the OOC drama anymore. I've turned to PSLs, instead. Lovely. We'll see how long until I give up on that as well.

Kin, you better comment to this, since you were the one bugging me to update. >O

ETA: For those who were promised pictures, well, they're all here and here.
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My Printer's Replaced Black With Purple [09/02/06]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I go on and on about drawing this or that, yes. So, here they are––I finally got around the scanner's problem with saving the pictures it scans, yay.

Complete: Tattoo A and BCollapse )

Sketches of RosesCollapse )
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Tomorrow [08/28/06]
Let me just say that the phrase "on the way" is despicable. -_-

So now I have a few choices in what to do in my seven months or so before the fashion design course starts next year. I can teach English/ Science/ Math in my primary school, the afternoon session (because it pays more than in the morning session, the classes are conducted in English, and I don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn) or at my high school (err... I'd really rather not). I already asked and I qualify. Poor kids. I can teach piano or all those subjects at tuition centres as well. Or I can gain experience in the fashion field by getting a job as an assistant designer (I think I need some sort of prior experience, though... hmm... more checking is in order). I've been told that I can try assisting in lab-teching for school labs, too, though I must be seriously desperate to do that like if my only other alternative is an office job that will make the boredom monster eat me. ._. My last resort would be a job as a sales assistant.

Too many options? Yes. Need to whittle it all down. .__.

There are no preparation classes for the DELF B2. I'm doomed to revising for it by having RFI on 24/7 and working through French novels armed with a dictionary. @_@

HolidaysCollapse )

No boots after all :(Collapse )

Ridiculous A-levels systemCollapse )

Doing the theme park thing tomorrow. Gargh. Serial outings in the next few days because the holidays are about to end and my friend's going to go back to England in three weeks.

I put an order for a new pair of contact lenses yesterday; apparently, my shortsightedness has not gotten worse––it has simply stayed at one specific point and just... did that for four years. Wow. o.O Anyway, I've been told that the left lense of my old pair is actually cracked, and that I've worn the old pair for three more years than I'm supposed to. So oblivious, I know. Let's see how long this new pair lasts.

I want that garnet to be in a baguette cut, not a briolette cut. v.v

I really need to finish drawing that tattoo...

Random rubbish [06/08/06]
[ mood | creative ]

Something I've found extremely useful for fleshing out characters. Really.Collapse )
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*Sighs* Dying [03/10/06]
A very rough sketch of the eye on a single peacock feather.Collapse )

Nightscape. [03/05/06]
[ mood | amused ]

RPs dying. Or just not moving fast enough for me––i.e.: two posts a day. Oh, well. So I drew this monstrosity. Wow. I hate it. o.O

I'll try drawing with only colour pencils next...

Simplistic NightscapeCollapse )
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Page 282 [01/31/06]
[ mood | amused ]

Disclaimer: From Storm Constantine's Wraeththu book, the first of the Wraeththu histories.

Not something you'd want... certain people looking at. *Coughs*Collapse )

S:CpS [01/24/06]
[ mood | blah ]

I don't know if I posted this, because for some reason, I can't log in. I mean, I log in, hit update journal and get a blank username and password slot to fill in. As the post I made was friends-only, I can't see it without logging in... Makes no sense, but yes.

Santorielli: Cadere Per Sempre
Chapter IX

Something nags at me, its call was as a hook embedded into my very heart.

In less than a heartbeat, it did more than just that; it became a sickening wrench.

With one swift jerk, the darkness parts and whiteness explodes in an infinite field before my eyes. Then, it too dissolved and darkness descended again. Only, this was a darkness that would give way to light, so that I could see the two others beside me.

Three, if I counted the man sprawled before me––there was something wrong with his posture, though I can only see his two feet clearly at the moment. Small wonder, they were pointing straight at me.

I take a step back, and something squishes under the hard heel of my shoe.

I look down, and I fall to my knees, my stomach flipping and clenching as I become violently sick. Empty eyes stare glassily back at me.

"What? No more bravado?" Amused laughter from the red-haired demon by my side.

For the third time, my vision darkens.

The blinding whiteness soon followed.

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A Bridge [01/11/06]
[ mood | artistic ]

Drawing of a Bridge.Collapse )
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Untitled. [01/08/06]
Retouched the previous pictures.Collapse )
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Still Life [01/08/06]
My first attempt at still life...Collapse )

One Step [01/05/06]
[ mood | Forcing myself to calm down ]

The amount I owe the current college I'm studying in: RM 3012. So happy. Even I can pay that. Done the Math; if I don't resit anything (LAN results out today, getting the cheerleader to look at it for me since he seems to have made college his second home) I'll need about RM2000 for the exams. Less than RM2000, in actuality, but let's make it all an approximation. Good. College is fine. No trouble from that. I can breeze through it now.

Stepping up to beyond college. I can get around this. I found a 100% merit-based scholarship I have a good chance of getting, because it relies solely on academics without any regard to what course you use the money to pay. Renewable annually. The only condition is that I have to study in America. :) The only problem is that I can only apply for it next year around this time.

So my first concern should be my applications, since I need acceptance letters to be eligible for this scholarship. Which leads me back to my current source of discontentment: my bloody portfolio. Getting a scanner this Sunday, probably, to get evaluations on my "drawing abilities".

No, I'm not the one in need of convincing. "Drawing ability" is a catchphrase in many an art-related joke T_T.

Random note: Offline friends keep telling me I sound very stressed. Why?! I don't feel very stressed... Just harried.

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This shouldn't be surprising... [11/25/05]
[ mood | T_T ]

Huh... From Fuschia's blog, if you know her. XP

You scored as Neither. You think neither like a man or a woman. What you are you may decide for yourself. Most people will consider you strange, Alien, weird or funny. You are probably quite interesting.










Should you be MALE or FEMALE ?
created with QuizFarm.com

Shutters and Elevator Doors [11/03/05]
[ mood | sick ]

The Obscure vid by DeG is... O_O

Talking to Anjo about the Thai horror flick Shutter was fun. Well, I'm sure it wasn't really fun for her, since she asked me to shut up a number of times after that, and it kicked her out of her writing mood. But I'm not going to go on about the movie here, beyond that it was a really fun movie and made me gawk a little in some scenes.

Somehow, talking about that movie reminded me of elevators, even though there weren't any scenes about elevators, and it made me think of that elevator at the Maluri centre I went to yesterday in a mad dash to renew my bloody IC. While I didn't get to renew my IC because I was a bit too late (no more numbers), the elevator was fun. Really, really fun T_T.

It was jerky and it only just occurred to me when I stepped in that I don't even know which floor I'm supposed to go to. Two other people were with me, but they might as well be dead, quite literally, since they made as much noise as corpses would. I stepped in, they acted as if I weren't there, and so I just blinked and stabbed at the button for the first floor. I pressed it too late, because it took us up to the fourth floor first before it would allow me to go down.

Of course, the damn thing had to clang and creak when it closed its doors, so that the only thing I heard as the two walked out on the fourth floor, leaving me alone in the elevator. The thing closed and creaked down again. I thought the doors would stick, because it opened a seam and jerked close again, before opening again, rather jerkily. The lights flickered on and off after the doors closed. Joy. As jumpy as I tend to become in these sorts of situations, I only stared at the doors, almost glaring, waiting for something jump out of no where so I can do something with the excess adrenaline...

No, I'm not making this up. I thought something was trying to force its way into the elevator with the amount of metallic squeaking and creaking. Bloody thing finally opened and let me out after a bit. Then I find out that I was in the wrong building to begin with. Needless to say, I took the stairs. Too many times stuck in the lift in the college elevators has made me loose faith in the contraptions.

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KR Cube...?! [11/01/05]
[ mood | awake ]

Dir en Grey's KR Cube.

I thought the videos for Raison D'Etre, Cage and Filth were bizarre. Oh there's Saku and the one in the asylum where they all watch static and snow on TV. Child Prey was hilarious in an incredulous way because of the mice and their heads getting blown off. Kyo looked superb in that video as well. Cracks me up.

KR Cube is just... it makes me laugh uncontrollably, for some odd reason.I'm trying to get the MP3 now, but the video is really something to watch.

You get to watch Toshiya in fishnet and murdering some idea sitting on the floor with a nail file (at least, I think it's a nail file). I don't remember who the other guy in the band was (Korasu? Maybe I'm mixing all of them up...) but he was the bartender, wearing some dead animal draped over his hat-thing. Kyo gets shot dead. That was really funny. The starting of the video/ song was funny as well, because it's so distorted. I thought my file got corrupted.

Now need to look for the full version of Obscure, because mine looks so different from the one everyone's talking about...


Comparative Religion [10/27/05]
[ mood | blah ]

I think I upstaged the presenter for Christianity and Islam. The first read from their books, the second was dying a similar death until the last guy came up to end it all with gusto, momentarily pulling our far-wandering attentions back with his forced and booming voice, and his ironic and continual violation of the First Commandment (trying for more attention?) - "Thou shall not take the name of the Lord, your God, in vain." Perhaps it was interesting for a few moments because he was obviously unbiased, as the first guy was clearly a Christian who did not speak English well.

The ones who presented on Islam were telling us things we already learnt in the last two years, thanks to Malaysia's odd concept of Malaysian history - completely selective, and strangely said to be tied to Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. by sheer virtue of being the founder of the state religion. Hmph.

The lecturer was trying to get everyone to compare and contrast the two religions, and all of us were half-asleep, thanks to the presenters. Then again, it was hard to pass up a chance of yakking about religion when she dangled bait like that in front of my face. As soon as I gained enough consciousness, I actually answered, and somehow, the answering devolved into a pseudo-debate/ dicussion between me and one of the ones who presented on Islam about Christianity and the different denominations. For some reason, I brought in the Book of Enoch and the Watchers when the lecturer tried to get us all to compare the holy textes of both religions. Very nice looks she gave me, too.

Tomorrow morning I will present on another faith I do not follow, and then she'll think I'm Hindu because I actually know more than anyone else in my group about the deities. All my group members are Indian and Hindu... The lecturer's Hindu, too. Yay.


Clowns... [10/24/05]
[ mood | blah ]

Tomorrow, I will do my best impression of a clown. T_T


Easy...! [10/20/05]
[ mood | Beware...! ]

I think I may have found the secret to being in a good mood––for me, anyway.

It's pathetically simple, o_O:
Enough sleep (anything over six hours), waking up alone with no one to make a ruckus and expect me to take a side, a breakfast and the works with enough time to take it at ease instead of wolfing it down (as if I were capable of that, hah!) and music. Fun. Kind of. *Headdesks*

Going to college in a bit. Whee. T_T


Acoustics In My Head [10/20/05]
[ mood | groggy ]

Urgh. I lie down and shut my eyes for a moment just to luxuriate in the silence and finally being able to stretch out on my bed, and the next time I open my eyes, it was dark. For a few minutes––minutes!––I thought I had slept through the day 'round to the next day's rainy afternoon. After those minutes, I not only did not figure out the right time or even get my bearings, but dropped right back into sleep again. The next time I woke up was when my stupid sister's voice filtered through the door. She was bloody singing some kid's songs.

I only slept for two and a half hours, and it's still the same day. XP. I feel like someone had hit me hard behind the head and left me to roll down a steep slope with sharp stones. And I still want to go back to sleep. I find myself counting on a certain person's passing to ensure that I need not go to college tomorrow...

On the brighter side, I seem to be one of the few who hasn't caught a cold, a fever or a cough. Or the augue, if you would allow. The bad thing is that I seem to be fending all those off with random hours of sleep.

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Errr... [10/08/05]
[ mood | awake ]

Honest opinion needed: *Points* What does this sound like? o_O

"The silver one with the dark eyes was the first to move, offering his hand to the other, not in entreaty, not in pleading as he had previously, but in submission to what he thought would happen in due time anyway.

Go ahead, take me over. I am willing this time, I won’t fight you anymore. You will not be denied, accept the only thing you will ever want from me, if that is your will.

Drown me in your personality, so that yours devours mine. Wipe out every single trace of my consciousness, take me into you and break me into fragmentary pieces, so you would not have anyone to challenge you in the sole possession of this flawed body anymore.

Then I will not have to feel, to think, to live anymore. You will feel for me, you will be my thoughts, you will be my life. All that is mine will then become yours.

And when you grow sick of this body of mine as you surely will, you need not hesitate to discard it. You need not take into consideration what will happen to my shattered mind, my broken spirit, my splintered will.

It will no longer matter then."


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